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Mix Magazine reviewMix Magazine, January 2007 issue
Field Test: Hear Technologies Mix Back Mix System
Monitor Mix Control In the Engineer and Musician's Hands

"Having trickled down from the rich and famous to the working musician, the continued popularity of in-ear monitors has created a need for high-quality, small-format monitor mixers with multiple output buses. Designed to fill this need, the Hear Technologies' Mix Back... " Read review


FOH Magazine reviewFront of House, August 2006
Hear Technologies Mix Back and Hear Back Combo System

"The combo Mix Back/Hear Back system ensures that I have enough mixes to keep a large band happy and it gives me additional flexibility without a huge price tag and in a fairly compact space. For me, this one is a keeper.... "
Read review

Church Production reviewChurch Production Magazine, Jul/Aug 2003 issue
Hear Technologies Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System

"...it has had the most postive impact on the quality of sound ever produced at our facility. ...the musicians now have complete control over what they hear, and they can do it without yelling up to the booth. The front-of-house console operator can now concentrate on the house mix..." Read review

Pro Sound News reviewPro Sound News, July 2003 NAMM Summer Session Issue
Now Hear This, Hear Technologies' Hear Back Four Pack Headphone System

"The Hear Back system is fast to set up, easy to use, expandable, and performs way beyond expectations, considering the modest price. ...Great job, Hear Technologies! The Hear Back system is a winner!" Read review

FOH reviewFront of House, July 2003 Vol.1 No. 10
Hear Technologies, Hear Back System

"...the Hear Back system from Hear Technologies has a solution that is elegant, inexpensive, flexible and easy enough to use that you can trust a drummer with it. ...the Hear Back system is an investment you should seriously consider making (Bill did–he picked up the demo unit)." Read review