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Hear Technologies Introduces Hear Back PRO at 139th AES Convention 2015

Hear Back PRO HubHear Back PRO MixerNovember 10, 2015 – Hear Technologies’ new Hear Back PRO made its AES Show debut this month, wowing the crowd.

Hear Back PRO is a high-end yet affordable monitor mixing system. With its wealth of easy-to-use features, Hear Back PRO is the simplest, most affordable digital solution for attaining the ultimate mix and performance.

At AES, we also announced accessories to make the PRO even more flexible and customizable.

Hear Technologies pioneered the personal monitor mixing system, and we’re again on the cutting edge with the new high-end and user-friendly Hear Back PRO. We’re answering calls for customization options with seven new accessories.

Take your pick:

  1. ADAT card: Provides 16-channels of audio over fiber in and out simultaneously. It includes 2 Hear Bus connectors to allow connection with original Hear Back system.
  2. AES/EBU card: Connects the Hear Back PRO to any standard AES/EBU equipment up to 192 kHz on 16 channels in or out (the user selects whether input or output).
  3. Dante card: Provides 16-channel simultaneous input and output up to 192 kHz using Dante’s protocol. Or for a small fee via Dante, connect with a PC or Mac directly using the computer’s Ethernet port – plug and play using no additional hardware.
  4. SoundGrid card: Integrates Waves’ SoundGrid technology. Provides 16-channel simultaneous input and output up to 96 kHz. Connect for free directly with a PC or Mac using the computer’s Ethernet port – no need for additional hardware. Also provides ability to integrate Waves’ processing capabilities directly into the system.
  5. Intercom foot switch: The Hear Back PRO mixer already allows you to engage the intercom via a button on the device itself. This external foot switch provides a hands-free switching option, allowing you to switch between a vocal mic and intercom to anyone with an HB PRO mixer.
  6. Network breakout box: Cut down on cables! This 8-port switch allows our network card to stand alone, cleaning up the stage. Run one cable from the Hub to a breakout box on the stage. Then, use short cables from the box to each mixer to provide power and audio. Connects up to 8 mixers. Comes with the breakout box, card, and power supply. Two options to fit your needs: sold as a rugged box for use with your Hub’s existing network card, or with an 8-port network card installed.
  7. Future Sonics G10 in-ear monitors: Future Sonics’ Marty Garcia pioneered in-ear monitors, as Hear Technologies pioneered personal monitor mixing – so it’s natural we team up to provide an even higher-quality sound. The G10 provides unrivaled sound quality from the Hear Back PRO’s superior output. The in-ear monitors provide exceptional low-end response, smoothing out mid- and high-range frequencies.

Don’t take our word for it – listen for yourself!

For more information on the Hear Back PRO, visit www.heartechnologies.com.