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hearbuds & hearbud headset monitor

Hearbuds have been discontinued.
This page is for reference only.

Hearbuds and Headset Features:

  • Better sound quality at lower volumes
  • Can be used on stage and in the studio
  • Great for hear back, MP3 players, cell-phones, and other personal audio
  • Hearbuds alone fit most in-ear headsets
  • Works great in noisy environments because they block unwanted sounds
  • Comfortable, safe, and secure
  • Designed by audiologists
  • Washable

An affordable in-ear monitor headset that delivers professional performance at a great value. By creating acoustic chambers at the ear, hearbuds not only dramatically improves the sound of standard in-ear headphones and ear-pieces, their molded, 100% silicon, design also significantly reduces unwanted background noises levels – enabling you to enjoy the same sound clarity at lower volumes. And, because they’re audiologically designed, they’re comfortable to wear and won’t fall out of your ears either!

hearbuds & headset monitor
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hearbudspackage backhearbuds & headset monitor
Packaging:  (L) Hearbuds, (M) Case back,
(R) Hearbuds & Hearbud Headset Monitor


How to use hearbuds.

listen & enjoy

1) First familiarize yourself with the differences between the hearbud shapes: Left (L), Right (R), Back, and Front (indicated by a raised spot next to the L or R symbol).

2) Before fitting to your in-ear pieces, experiment with each of the three sizes: 1, 2, or 3. Try them in each ear to find the best fit. It may be that your left and right ear fit different sizes. Remember, the raised spot always faces forward.

3) The hearbuds plugs should feel snug and secure without feeling too tight. Make sure you have them inserted correctly for comfort and performance.

4) Now take them off and push the open ends of your two chosen Left and Right hearbuds plugs over the corresponding earpiece.

5) Turn down the master volume on your hear back or music source, put the ear-pieces in your ears and adjust the volume to the desired level. You'll notice the difference immediately. (To remove, gently peel hearbuds from earpiece).